Keyword Research - Checklist 2022

Keyword research is a collection of keywords relevant to your website, which contains valuable and useful data that are important for your decisions (decisions based on real data and outputs). Keyword research is a basic / key analysis for SEO activities on websites, however, this analysis will also be used by experts and specialists from other fields - PPC specialists, content strategy specialists, specialists via social networks, in short, most marketing experts.

Use keyword research to find out how people search a segment using different search engines (Google, Bing, …). Thanks to this, we can better prepare the website - we can optimize the website within the web architecture, content strategies and keyword targeting, we will better cover the search segments, we will help paid advertising, etc.

Data Collection Data Collection
Data Mining Data Mining
Removing unnecessary data Removing unnecessary data
Data classification Data classification
Output creation Output creation
Use of keyword research Use of keyword research

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