How to Create (SEO) Content That Ranks - Checklist 2022

"Content is King." One type of marketing is content marketing. With the help of content / texts, you try to engage your readers in order to achieve a goal (whether it is reading an article, after purchasing a product or ordering a service). In this field of marketing, we often meet content strategists, copywriters, editors or experts through proofreading.

With the help of a checklist, you can check whether your article will be readable, interesting and engaging for readers, and at the same time will not cause problems for search engines.

Research, concept Research, concept
Multimedia content Multimedia content
Text structure Text structure
Web / Article semantics Web / Article semantics
Website / Article loading speed Website / Article loading speed
Calls to action, sales arguments Calls to action, sales arguments
SEO elements SEO elements
Other Other

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Pavel Zaněk

I'm Full Stack Web developer interested in online marketing - especially in the search engine optimization (SEO).

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